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Hombu Dojo Rules

There are rules posted in the Hombu Dojo.  Please familiarize yourself with these rules and ensure to follow them.


Hombu Rules

As a rule, entry is forbidden to non-members of the Bujinkan.
Follow these rules, remaining cognizant that this is a place for training:

  1. All foods, snacks, and drinks (except bottled water consumed during training) are strictly forbidden.
  2. All trash, bottles, and cans must be removed by the person responsible for bringing the items.
  3. After training, all persons should listen to instructions and clean up after themselves (Note: Don’t forget personal items!)
  4. After training, the instructor remains responsible for ensuring that the gas line is closed, that the lights are extinguished, and that the door is secured.

As members of the Dojo, each of us shares responsibility for the care of the Dojo.  Please do your part.

I would like to add some additional thoughts to these rules.

  1. Bring exact change for class payment.
  2. When class has finished please sit patiently and quietly while awaiting any dojo announcements that are to be made.
  3. Help to clean up after class. Do not throw anything away in the Hombu. Pick up and take any trash with you. Other students may inadvertently leave behind trash. Be conscious of this and make an effort to help clean in this way. Offer to sweep. It seems that the same individuals (usually students living in Japan) sweep every time. Offer to take over the sweeping responsibility from them. Close and lock all the windows, (upper and lower). If all these items are completed or being completed, get out. Don’t linger for a chance to speak with a shihan unless you have specific business to conduct.
  4. Maximize your training but don’t go if you are sick. You risk the chance of ruining someone else’s trip by getting them sick, or even halting training by getting a Shihan or Soke sick. If you’re sick, rest and stay away from training.
  5. If you witness a 5th dan test don’t applaud unless Soke says the person has passed.