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Ayase Rules

Mr. George Ohashi has posted rules to follow when entering and training at the Ayase Budokan.  Again, please read, familiarize yourself, and do your part.  Mr. Ohashi’s original document can be found here:  ’To All Ayase Class Participants‘.


Ayase Rules
Who can participate?: Only Bujinkan members may participate in and/or watch the class.  Soke’s permission is required if you wish to bring someone who is not a member of the Bujinkan.

Payment: Pay your fees before the session unless you arrive late.

Shoes: The Tokyo Budokan requires all participants to carry their shoes in plastic bags at all times while in the building.  Bags are available in the lobby.  Give them back when you leave the building.

Change Room and Lockers: You can change in the change room, but don’t use the lockers in it.  Use the ones in the Dojo instead.

Placing Orders: We recommend that participants place orders before the session because the time after it is limited.  Make sure that you print your name, address and the list of desired selection(s). We suggest typing them and/or enclosing a business card. (We cannot guarantee that we can complete all orders before you go back to your country.)

Photo / Video Shooting: No cameras are allowed. Contact us if you have any special request.

Eating and Drinking: Eating in the Dojo is prohibited at all times. However, eating in the corridors is permitted as well as outside of the building.

5th dan Test: It is preferable to contact us in advance if you want to take the 5th dan test.  While watching participants take the test, do not applaud before Soke declares the person’s passing it.

Last But Not Least: Read this document and listen to our announcements as carefully as possible. We will not repeat anything for careless participants, because it is just a waste of time for us.  But feel free to ask questions if you cannot find answers either in this document or in our announcements.

Thank you for your cooperation.
George Ohashi, 14th Dan – Bujinkan Hombu and Ayase Class Administrator