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Sente (先手)

I wanted to take the time to explain the term Sente. I chose it as the name of the dojo because it is a unique budo term that has profound depth. The term Sente is used often in the game of Go, which is where I was introduced to it. If you are unfamiliar, Go [...]

Do You RSS?

A few weeks ago some students and I were talking about various blogs that we follow and how we follow them.  They were surprised to find out that I follow all the Bujinkan related blogs that I can get my hands on.  I explained to them that even if I don’t have the same training [...]

Why Do You Train?

Early in my training Larry asked the class, ‘Why do you train?’. He wasn’t looking for a verbal answer, instead he wanted us to examine the answer within ourselves. He also wanted us to know that answers vary, even among practitioners and friends within the same dojo, and that this variety is healthy and expected. [...]

Five Books

Taijutsu is an art of “doing.”  You must do it to learn it, long term physical training on a regular basis is essential.  Watching videos, reading books and talking about it will not, unless coupled with physical training, improve your movement within this art.  That said, I do believe that media and talk do have [...]