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What is Uke?

Here’s a great article by Phil Legare.  I’m just reposting here, all credit goes to Phil!  Check out his site ‘‘, and his original post can be found ‘here‘. ________________________________________________ I think sometimes in the Bujinkan we have a misconception about what an Uke is and their role in training. Some think that the Uke [...]

Understand? Good. Play!

The much anticipated revised addition of Understand? Good. Play! has been released!  I consider it a must have for Bujinkan practitioners.   You can purchase the book here: Understand? Good. Play? Below is a repost from Ben’s blog with details. ———————— I am happy to report that Understand? Good. Play! — Words of Consequence is now [...]

Japan Society Accepting Donations

A great way to help Japan.  The Japan Society of NYC is accepting donations.  Because of their intimate connection with Japan, the Japan Society has the unique ability to direct relief dollars to the areas and services where they will have the greatest impact.  Please consider donating and reposting this link to help get the [...]

Tragedy in Japan

Help the people of Japan if you can. Donations for the Japanese earthquake victims can be sent via cellphone text messages. Each pledge is for $10 and will be routed to nonprofits providing disaster relief. The charge will appear on the giver’s cellphone bill. Most of the campaigns listed below have been organized by the [...]

We’ll miss you Kathy.

Bujinkan Training Event in honor of Kathy Baylor A good friend to many in the Bujinkan martial arts community, Kathy Baylor, has passed away and the community is coming together to pay its respects the best way it knows how–via Budo. In her book, Kathy gave a special thanks to Hatsumi-sensei for his “boundless wisdom, [...]

Celebrate the Dream

At its core budo is not about domination and conflict, it is about solving inequalities and bridging divides – finding peace and ending hostilities on all levels.  Please consider for a moment the budo of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ‘I Have a Dream’ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. -delivered 28 August 1963, at the [...]

No Shortcuts…

Ben Cole posted a really good article on his blog. I’m reposting it here with Ben’s permission.  Click on the title to swing over to his blog and check out his other great writings. ‘THOUGHTS ON IDENTITY FORMATION & TIME COMPRESSION DISECONOMIES‘ As a scholar, I have been working on a paper that uses professional [...]

Training Around

During last Thursday’s class (1/6) I attempted to explain my thoughts about students who like to learn from me and frequent my class, but are technically not my student, i.e., I am not responsible for the student’s rank and long term training even though they may attend my class.  I walked away from the discussion [...]

Classes Through January

Hope everyone had a great holiday and new year!  I’ve had a few people approach me and ask what remaining classes I will be at prior to leaving Muzosa and when the Sente classes officially start. To clarify I’ll list out my training schedule for this month: Thursday 1/6 – Muzosa Class in Central Park [...]

Tanjiki Daikomyosai Training

This past weekend (Saturday 12/18) I attended the Tanjiki Daikomyosai Holiday Training event.  It was a really great time.  About 12 people including several instructors were present.  Each instructor taught for 20 minutes then passed the responsibility to the next instructor in line.  Several people taught and everyone did a great job, but my highlight [...]